What a Heatwave of a Wedding with Jeanette & Phil Wedding Photography by Karen Walton

Karen Walton Photography had the privilege of shooting Jeanette and Phil’s wedding during the very hot heatwave that we have had this spring.  However, it did bucket it down during the wedding breakfast, but that did not matter, in fact that was the last time it rained heavily for a good time.  Anyway back to the Wedding Photography, I caught up with Jeanette at the Holiday Inn – Brighouse/Leeds in her suite while the bridesmaids were having their hair and makeup done, she was very chilled out (love this in my brides), then we moved into the honeymoon suite to get the final preparations and of course the fabulous dress.  In the meantime I caught up with Phil and his best man and took some shots outside in the sunshine of what is a great location for the wedding.  The reception has recently been re-vamped and is now very modern with a quirky mural of Brighouse, this was used for a couple of shots of the newly wed couple, along with the wall in the courtyard which at certain times of the day when in the sunshine it goes a very warm colour which again is great for shots.  I must admit that the room for the ceremony and reception was splendid with millions of candles and tealights, never seen so many at a wedding.  Phil was very emotional during the service and he had tears in his eyes as he saw Jeanette for the first time in her beautiful dress and it was a lovely moment which was captured.  After the service everybody went outside to bask in the lovely weather and congratulate the newly weds.


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